Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: AudioCD patch

On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 07:27 +0100, Ernst Persson wrote: 
> On the AudioCD front:
> We should have some switches so Rhythmbox can be integrated with
> gnome-volume-manager.
> Can you run "rhythmbox --play %d" from g-v-m when you insert an
> audiocd currently and have it play the cd?

From memory passing things on the command line to play is currently
broken, which is bug 309696. I should take another look at that, and see
whether the patch is good.

If it is working, or once we fix it, "rhythmbox cdda://%d:1" should ask
RB to start playing from the first track of the cd %d.

> Next: ripping! :-) Banshee has a nice preferences dialog for ripping cd's.

The three bit of information we need are:

1) where to store the files
2) the filenames
3) encoding properties

(1) is basically where your Library is, so this can use the same
location as the "Watched Directories" patch.

(2) is whether you want them "Artist/Album/Track# -  Title" or whatever,
and Sound Juicer's dialog is okay for this.

(3) is more debatable what is best. The two options that spring to mind
are Banshees "(format) at (bitrate)" form with menus, and Sound-Juicers
use of GStreamer Audio Profiles.

Banshees option menus are kind of nice, because they make it easy to
change the format or bitrate. However it has a number of problems in
that a) you can't select a format that it doesn't know about, b)
"bitrate" isn't correct for some things like vorbis, and c) there is no
way to change any other options. I assume that it uses "128kb/s vorbis"
to mean "quality 4 vorbis" rather than actually using a 128kb/s managed

GStreamer Audio Profiles are nice in that you can create a profile for
formats that the application authors don't know about, use more options,
and be consistent with other applications. The big downside is that
gnome-audio-profile-properties (which is what is used to create
profiles) really sucks, requiring you to enter the gstreamer pipeline

What I personally think is the best option, is to use audio profiles do
some work on gnome-audio-profile-properties to make it not suck so much.
Making the profile editor similar to Banshee's option menus, but with
the option to set more advanced features might be nice.


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