Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: AudioCD patch

> Basic audio CD support doesn't have any requirements over those which
> you need to build RB, so I didn't think it was worth having a
> compile-time option for. There is an option for musicbrainz lookup
> (which default to on, if the library is present).
> There are several methods of detecting audio CDs, all of which are used
> if possible.
> 1) If you have a HAL-enabled gnome-vfs it should report them
> 2) If you have libnautilus-burn 2.11.something and a drive with
> door-state (i.e. not slot-loading) it will monitor the door.
> 3) There is a menu item to force a manual scan for removable media
> (which is also done on startup).
> IIRC Fedora Core 4 has Gnome 2.10 so (2) won't work, but I would have
> though it would have a HAL-enabled gnome-vfs. In any case the menu item
> should work.

I changed CDs and it started working! Quite interesting. Works quite
well. Appart from the problem with the first CD  I tried (not sure its
a problem with rhythmbox as I don't recall the default gnome cd app
starting either) the track time doesn't appear to work properly
either. It displays the track length of the first track with the
slider at the end of the track and then doesn't update it, even when
the track changes. Other than that it seems to work really well.

I have some other 'interesting' cds that I'll play with when I get the
chance. Also what happens when there is more than one entry in a CDDB
lookup for a particular CD ID? Does it pop up a dialog to allow you to
choose which one it is or just go with the first one?


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