Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Order Selection/Loop One Patch

On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 18:23 -0500, Paul Boyd wrote:
> Here is a patch to fix the play order selection problems. The check
> boxes have been removed from the status bar and the Control menu.
> There is a new Play order sub-menu under the Control menu that lists
> the available play orders. There is also the loop one play order that
> I submitted earlier. 

This looks good. This bring up the question of whether we should put a
play order control in the window. Personally, I don't change it often
enough to be worth it. If we used a combobox it would need to be
reasonable wide to fit the descriptions.

A couple of code comments:
* CONF_STATE_PLAY_ORDER is already be defined in rb-preferences.h, so
you don't need to do it in rb-shell.c

* In rb_shell_build_play_order_menu, you should use g_assert rather than
g_return_if_fail. That failing is a sign of something seriously being

Somewhat related, we probably should also expose "set playorder by
name", "get playorder name" and "get playorder description" in the dbus


James "Doc" Livingston
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