Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

> The search box does act as a filter rather than searching, but "search"
> is a more easily word by non-technical people (and is probably easier to
> translate too).
> Making it more obvious that it is actually doing filtering would be
> good, but it shouldn't be intrusive.

What about Match Pattern or just Pattern?

> That sounds useful, and it could display what Rhythmbox is actually
> searching for rather than what is entered in the search box, which can
> be subtly different.

Good point!

> In a cross-subthread tangent, with cd-burning on the toolbar it is
> obvious that you should always be able to use it, not just for
> playlists. My feelings are that it should burn whatever is currenly
> visible in the track listing (whether a playlist, limited by
> browser/search box or whatever). I'll have a look at doing this in an
> updated toolbar patch, once we make decisions on that idea.

cd-burning button in the toolbar sounds good to me. There is plenty of room.

> Why have "none"? The only difference between that and type-ahead is that
> if you accidentally press a key it won't scroll up/down to find it,
> which I can't imagine is too much of a problem

For no particular reason. I wouldn't use it myself.

> I don't know about others, but I quite regularly use both. It happens
> when I'm using the search box as a filter to play a subset of tracks,
> and I want to find a particular song to play. That would also be a
> typical "add a preference, because we can't make a decision" preference.

I can't figure out just now how they can live together, but I am sure they can!

What if filtering is the primary and search is the secondary and a
syntax was introduced? E.g.
michael jackson + bad

where + indicates that the following is a search.

> One problem that I see with a non-permanent filter entry, is that it
> makes it hard to fix typos or make minor changes to what you have
> entered.

That's true, but I would gladly pay that price, as searches and
filterings often are short.

> While I think that search box entries shouldn't be kept between
> sessions, I don't think we should reset them when you look at a
> different source. What does everyone else think?

Keep result, no reset. That would make sense when burning a cd. It
would be annoying if the selected files disappeared when changing
between cd burning and playlist if a song should be removed or added.

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