Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

> Rhythmbox currently does type-ahead searching, which is what the file
> browser does.

That's pretty cool!! I had no idea! =)

> What the search box does in limit what is shown in the entry view and
> what is played. Using a temporarily visible box for this wouldn't be
> good, because it would no longer be obvious that the list of tracks is
> being limited, and anything you add to indicate that it is being limited
> will probably take up as much space as the search box did.

I see the problem. We could make the statusbar work to our advantage.

I would say that the Search Entry is more a filter/pattern matching
entry. To me a search high lights the finding, where a filter/pattern
matching shows only the result.

Imagine the Search Entry is gone and type ahead is disabled.

When Rhythmbox is started the status bar reads:
1000 songs, 500 minuts, 4000MB.

When typing something the statusbar updates on the fly to e.g.
5 songs, 15 minuts, 30MB matching metallica.

* No Search Entry is required.
* The Stausbar shows the real current status.
* Useful when CD burning is implanted.

* The type ahead would probably need to be removed, or an option in
Edit->Preferences could be added:

_Default keyboard behaviour_
   (*) Filter / pattern matching
   ( ) Type ahead search
   ( ) None

I have a feeling that the two can somehow live together at the same time...

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