Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

On 05/11/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:

> Bugs of the week
> ----------------
> Bug 312122 (
> Currently a lot of the areas where Rhythmbox is perceived to be slow is
> not due to the database backend, as a lot of people suspect, but in fact
> due to Rhythmbox trying to figure out the best size for all the entry
> view columns.
> This patch fixes that by making GTK not measure all the strings to
> auto-size the columns. The reason it hasn't been committed is that it
> might cause issues for some locales. In particular the date columns
> might be too thin in locales where the date-time isn't of the format
> "1/2/2005 12:34", or locales that use non-Arabic numerals. If you use
> such a locale, please test the patch and report whether the columns look
> okay or not.

Do people really need (to see) the list of many thousands tracks?
What's the point?

If I want to find something - I'll go to search field. If I want to
quickly find particular album - support for cover graphics could be
very handy (type in partial name of the artist and notice an album

If I want player to play the whole library in a random order - I don't
care to have all 10K tracks in a list - I will not trry to scroll it
and find something - I'll minimise RB and go on with daily routine.

Even if iTunes does it (does it?), huge lists are useless.


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