Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Removing "disappeared" songs

Le lundi 16 mai 2005 à 13:00 -0400, Stefan Monnier a écrit :
> I finally managed to compile 0.9 to try it out and the support to handle
> "unmounted" filesystems doesn't help me (I access my NFS-mounted filesystem
> via symlinks, for example).
> I think the only *safe* moment when we can remove an entry from the database
> is when the two conditions are met:
> 1 - `lstat' says the file doesn't exist.
> 2 - the directory in which the file should reside does exist.

Hmm, I didn't parse that properly, sorry for my first mail ;)
But it still has the issue that it wouldn't be suboptimal (stale
rhythmdb entries) for people using an Artist/Album/ hierarchies and
deciding they no longer want SomeArtist in their library and so rm -rf


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