[Rhythmbox-devel] NFS/vfs, Rhythmbox and album art.

There has been some discussion today about Rhythmbox's tendency to
purge songs from the library when it doesn't find the song on the
disk.  When the music library is NFS-automounted or accessed via
gnome-vfs-ssh, this happens a lot and it is painful.

Unfortunately the the development version's cover-art capability has
taken this to a new level of pain because in addition to removing my
albums from the database the cover art is purged from
.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers.  I the cases where the cover-to-album
association has been made manually, this is particularly frustrating as
a lot of manual labor is lost.

When improving the handling of songs that are temporarily unavailable,
please consider the cover art database at the same time.



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