[Rhythmbox-devel] Removing "disappeared" songs

I finally managed to compile 0.9 to try it out and the support to handle
"unmounted" filesystems doesn't help me (I access my NFS-mounted filesystem
via symlinks, for example).

I think the only *safe* moment when we can remove an entry from the database
is when the two conditions are met:
1 - `lstat' says the file doesn't exist.
2 - the directory in which the file should reside does exist.

In any other circumstance, it seems risky.

All in all, I'd rather *never* auto-remove entries from the database.
Instead we should introduce a flag "missing" and grey-out the songs which
are "missing".  And add a command to flush-out "missing" entries.

        Stefan "rather annoyed at having to wait half an our to rebuild the
                database every time rhythmbox happens to run while the
                network is down"

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