Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Auto Playlists: sorting

On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 10:39 +0200, Oliver Lemke wrote: 
> At the moment it seems that the automatic playlist first filters, then
> limits and sorts at last. I tried to filter out my top 200 songs and
> ended up with different playlists depending on the search criteria:
> 1) Filter all songs with rating > 4 stars, sort by rating, limit to 200.
> 2) Filter all songs with rating > 2 stars, sort by rating, limit to 200.
> The resulting playlists should be identical but they aren't. In 2) my
> highest rated song is not shown. Changing the order to
> filter->sort->limit would fix that.

I knew there was something I'd forgotten - it should be fairly easy to
do. One thing I have just though of is that we will potentially have to
run some big queries fairly often.

A "N most played/recently played songs" query will need to get re-run
every time a song finished. One thing I might need to take a look at is
seeing if queries are smart enough to just recheck the song that is
changed, rather than doing the whole sort & limit again.

> Keeping the common "sort-by-click-on-column-header" would be best for
> consistency. How about this: The user arranges the songs to her
> preference. Then, as usual, when clicking on a column header the list is
> sorted in ascending order, on the second click in descending order. And
> on the third click, the previous custom order is restored.

Sounds like a good plan. I think I'll try to get automatic playlists
being able to sort-on-click first, which is definitely going to be a
Good Thing(tm). I hadn't really had that much of a look at manual
playlists yet - I guess we can sort them without reordering the actual
(backend) playlist.

As you asked for a week or two ago I've shuffled the Add/Remove buttons
around. Every criteria now has a remove button (so you can remove the
last one), but there are still a few things that need sorting out 1)
where to put the add button, I've got it below the remove buttons, but
would above be better? 2) You can remove all of the criteria. I was
about to make it so you can't do this, but then I though it might be
useful to sort & limit with no criteria (e.g. most played songs).

Any text entry criteria that is empty is now ignored (i.e. a blank
artist now does nothing, rather than matching all).

I'm thinking of adding "First Seen" to the possible sort orders, which
would mean adding it to the possible columns too. Earlier this arvo I
was about to sort my "recently added" by when I added them, but I
couldn't. Would anyone want this as a (potentially visible) column?


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