[Rhythmbox-devel] Strange i18n problems

20:38 < zygoon> hello
20:38 < zygoon> anybody alive?
20:38 < zygoon> I'm doing polish i18n and I've encountered some strange problems
20:39 < zygoon> some strings, even though translated do not appear translated at runtime
20:39 < zygoon> everything is installed correctly
20:39 < zygoon> I've tried preloadable_libintl and found out that they are never used (resolved)
20:40 < zygoon> and that some other messages (not present anywhere in rhythmbox source) are resolved with that domain
20:40 < zygoon> I have more details if anyone is interested to help me out
20:40 < zygoon> I'm also reachable at zyga www suxx pl

BTW: Please cc me (I'm not subscribed)

Zygmunt Krynicki

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