Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox archive

More updates.

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 22:42 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> patch-2
>     calculate pixbuf render colours correctly


> patch-4
>     enable drag and drop into the library song view


> patch-5
>     maybe get drag and drop into and out of playlists working
> patch-6
>     more sensible approach to keeping playlist hash table and query
> model in sync

> patch-10
>     make nautilus CD burner bits optional
> patch-11
>     don't attempt to build dbus remote interface with new dbus
> patch-12
>     sanitise static library linking
> patch-13
>     HACK: work around broken shoutcast servers not responding to HTTP
> HEAD requests

That obviously won't make it. Is there a bug number/test case for this?
The same problem was happening with Totem, and it got fixed with a more
recent gnome-vfs, and the neon HTTP backend.

> patch-15
>     drag/drop of iradio streams from browsers into radio source
> patch-16
>     set iradio stream name and genre from stream metadata if not
> already set

Doesn't that clash with the port to playbin?

> patch-17
>     make setting iradio stream properties from stream metadata
> actually work

Is that on top of patch-16?

> patch-18
>     fix rating property name for iradio station properties


> patch-19
>     forget iradio title from stream when playing a new entry (fixes
> #143442)


> patch-20
>     fix shortcut for new internet radio station action (was ctrl-n,
> colliding with new playlist)


> patch-21
>     rework new internet radio station dialog
> patch-22
>     use natural sort order for album names (fixes #158599)
> patch-23
>     fix amg urls (perhaps), use urls from artist/album fields
> (netlabels)

Committed (I fixed the non-C89 declaration in there :)

> patch-24
>     make file choosers not local-only again (again?)

Committed the API change part, but I set the defaults to be non-local,
as it deadlocks with the good ol' "sftp with password" trick.
Totem test case here (we used to hang as well, but I removed all use of
gdk_enter and leave_threads):
Original bug:

> patch-25
>     fix popups shown from source list, add one for 'new playlist' etc.
> when a blank area is clicked

> patch-28
>     fix rating property name in iradio station properties dialog


> patch-30
>     make source name column in sourcelist expand, so the playing icon
> is right-aligned


> patch-31
>     make playlist renaming consistent with nautilus (menu option, not
> just clicking on the name)
> patch-32
>     fix split sentences in po files (#166737)


> patch-33
>     iradio genre defaults to "Unknown" not blank


> patch-34
>     use rhythmdb_entry_sync rather than _set to update iradio
> properties

Dependant on patch-16.

> patch-35
>     only set changed properties in iradio station properties dialog
> patch-36
>     show entry view popup on shift-f10 or menu key press

Needs work, as said before.

> patch-37
>     create one tray icon per screen (hopefully)

Needs work as well.

> patch-38
>     rework rhythmdb query model updates so property models are updated
> correctly when an entry no longer matches the query
> patch-39
>     possibly fix weirdness with cursor position jumping while editing
> search box (#171008)

As I can't reproduce the problem, I won't commit this one just yet (only
appears on "slower" machines?)

> patch-40
>     show playback errors in iradio station properties
> patch-41
>     make tray icon popups appear on the right screen


> patch-42
>     fix size hints in small mode for less forgiving window managers
> (maybe - works with fluxbox)


> patch-43
>     preserve maximized state across window hide/show
> patch-44
>     apply playlist manager dirty flag fix (necessary for something
> else i'm about to fix)

What is this last one needed for? Is it OK to merge even though it's
only part of a larger patch? (And what would this larger patch do?)

Pennies to the person who manages to track down:

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 

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