Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic Playlist UI work

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 10:15 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> "in decending order" should be "in deScending order" I think
> It would rock to have a single spin button handling both minutes and
> seconds ;)

On the typo I blame a lack of coffee. Having the single spin button
would be awesome, but I'm not too sure how it would actually work. I may
have to take a crash course in writing GTK widgets (or find one
somewhere on the 'net). Of course I'm sure I'll find out that GTK has
one built-in right after sending this email.

> Actually I don't understand fully your latter proposal (it's probably
> obvious when one looks at the code ;), isn't it possible to store the
> sort order in the playlist xml file, and skip the gconf key altogether?

That what I meant (I'm still figuring out how sorting works, so I'm not
sure I fully understand what I said). What I didn't explain very well
was that RbEntryView has a gconf key name as a property, which it uses
to keep track of the current sort order (e.g. /state/library/sorting for
the library), and doesn't sort if it isn't given a gconf key.

What I was thinking is that you could give RbEntryView a playlist id (or
something) as well, and if the gconf key was null, use the id. I'm not
really sure if this would be as simple as that, because I'm still
figuring out how it all works.

> Thinking about portable media players and such, the sort order should
> probably be totally abstracted away (ie playlist parsers also get the
> sort order in whatever way they want, and they create a new playlist and
> tell it what sort order to use). Dunno if that's easy to do though ;)

After looking a bit more, there are two bits that do sorting: the query
parser that generates the song list, and the RbEntryView that shows it
to the user. Clicking on column headers changes how the RbEntryView
sorts the song list as the library uses the latter to do its sorting.

What would probably be the easiest way to do this for playlists, and
keep the sort order in the .xml file would be to have the query parser
do the sorting. But this would mean that you couldn't change the order
by clicking on the column headers (without a bit of magic connecting
them to the playlist definitions).

That is all my not-very-good understanding of how it works, so I'm not
sure whether it is best to do it in the query parser, of the

Also: does anyone actually use the track numbers that show up in
playlists? I don't find it that useful (particularly for auto playlists
that change order every time you do anything), and I'd probably prefer
to actually have the track number from the metadata showing (as it does
in the library).

James "Doc" Livingston 

Proof that they're lusers who must die: they send spam saying "Restore
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