Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Interface Ideas


I prefer the mockup rb6 as a default but I think it should be possible to be able to see the libary and a choosable source at the same time... how I dont care.

I was wondering if I'm the only one who thinks that this problem with not beeing able to have the queue and the libary visible at the same time is not is a problem limited to the queue functionallity?

To give another example:
I like to create a playlist (ie. to later burn on a CD to bring to a party) and I want to be able to se my playlist and my libary at the same time. For all the same reasons as the queue... like I don't like having to shift back and forth between the libary and my playlist. When I want to add songs or rearange them on the playlist.

This function would be much more flexible it it was implemented on the music source level rater than limited to the "queue list"-functionality.
Hope I made myself understandable.

Another thing I would like is the functionality to specify on the queue which source to use when the queue becomes empty (like playlists instead of the libary).
You should also be able to choose not to play further when the queue list becomes empty. On the mockup it might be a dropdown list next to the "Empty Queue" and "Save as playlist" buttons, but I don't care how it is implemented only thinks that the functionality would be cool.

Regards --Jacob

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