Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Interface Ideas

On 4/15/05, Ian Hummel <ian themodernlife net> wrote:
> I think that is brilliant.  Nice job!

Thanks =)

I cleaned the last shot up a bit more (and re-added the status bar
which got lost somehow...):

After that I had another idea regarding the queue which should be much
simpler to implement:

So what I did, in short, was moving the "Queued Songs" to a sidebar
item. Works just like my last proposal but should be easier to
understand (you drop the songs you want to enqueue on that icon just
as you would drop songs you want to burn on the blank cd icon, so it's
the same thing now) and even displays the number of songs in the
queue. You can still have songs from different locations (library,
audio cd, ipod) in the queue.

The second shot shows how the queue should look look once clicked. As
you see, removing the buttons above the list made room for some
editing buttons (just examples for now, but I think at least the clear
button could be handy).

Songs you drag to the queue item on the sidebar should be added to the
end of the queue. If you drag&hold for a given time (1-2 sec) on the
queue button, the view shoud change to the queue listview and let you
put the new song anywhere in the queue.

Comments welcome!


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