Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

On 4/17/05, Michi <michael monreal gmail com> wrote:
> need to try something in the gimp now

And here it is now:

I turned the queue-in-the-sidebar to a "queue preview". The thought
behind this is that people who use the sidebar queue tend to have less
songs in the queue. This preview only shows the first entries, if you
make it bigger it shows more, but it won't scroll. If the max of
fitting entries is reached and there are more songs in the queue, than
a "xx more songs..." is displayed.

You can use this preview just as the normal queue (it's 100% the same
as long as you don't trigger the space limit), dropping to the "xx
more songs..." adds songs to the end, clicking here opens the normal
queue, dragging and holding songs here opens the normal queue and lets
you position the songs here.

If this is totally nuts, please forget it, I didn't get much sleep tonight ;-)

Also (both with this and the current design), sidebar ("preview")
queue and information area should be be XOR.


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