Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Interface Ideas

On 4/15/05, James Cotton <peabody124 gmail com> wrote:
> That looks good, but I don't know if the genre drop down is a good
> idea. 

I dont know, either =)

You're totally right, in fact it shouldn't be there, I just did some
experimenting with it when I was looking for alternative ways to order
Genre/Artists/Albums but so far I havn't found anything better than
the current system (at least nothing that is not radically different -
and that was the goal: don't change much, but change enough).

Removed the dropdown widget. [1]

(somewhat releated) question: do people use the "Show Browser"
expander button? I don't know if I ever used this and at least in the
readio view it is somewhat strange...



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