Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Generic Media Player Support


First thing, by "generic media player support", are you talking about generic support for ipod-like portable media players ? If not, please disregard the end of this mail, I didn't understand what it's about ;)

Michael McCabe a écrit :

1) We write one, generic media player source that is fed by multiple gnome-vfs backends. Each media player gets its own gnome-vfs module and feeds the pertinent info to the single media player source living in rhythmbox.
2) We write a generic, abstract media player source that is then implemented by each media player, bypassing gnome-vfs and leaving all the code inside rhythmbox (or leaving them out as some kind of shared object file that users can then install for their specific media player).

I'd go with an hybrid approach of these 2 possibilities. Given the current rhythmbox architecture, it's easier to use gstreamer gnomevfssink to playback files from "somewhere", so having a gnome-vfs method to read files from the media player is nice. However, gnome-vfs isn't really appropriate to get the list of files and metadata from a media player (at least for players using a database), so having specific code to get this info is probably better (actually this is how the ipod source currently work).
Imo, each media player should be handled by a small plugin providing a few basic functions like "get_songs", "get_playlists", ... I started to do some work toward that goal for the ipod source, but didn't go really far, so you can probably start from scratch without worrying about that ;)

Hope that helps,


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