[Rhythmbox-devel] Generic Media Player Support

A group of students here at Clarkson University would like to implement generic media player support for rhythmbox. At first we were looking at creating a generic nautilus view for media players, but leaned back towards rhythmbox because it is the de-facto media player for GNOME.

We want to make sure what we write is accepted upstream, so we had a question as to the architecture of such an addition. After lots of debate amongst our group and looking at the rhythmbox source, we think there are two viable options:

1) We write one, generic media player source that is fed by multiple gnome-vfs backends. Each media player gets its own gnome-vfs module and feeds the pertinent info to the single media player source living in rhythmbox.
2) We write a generic, abstract media player source that is then implemented by each media player, bypassing gnome-vfs and leaving all the code inside rhythmbox (or leaving them out as some kind of shared object file that users can then install for their specific media player).

These are fairly simplistic descriptions, but to flesh them out fully isn't too bad. Which of these options (or neither?) would be most likely to be accepted into rhythmbox? We feel this would be a great addition to rhythmbox, as it would help make the switch to Linux from other OSes more appealing, as more gadgetry would become supported.

All comments are extremely welcome.

Mike McCabe
Jeremy Bongio
Zack Colgan
Mike Chavoustie

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