Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of the album cover support in rhythmbox

Good summary! I have only some little things to add :

My opinion: Go with 2. A tiny album cover isn't any better than no
album cover. Yes, there will be two places with song info, but who
would this confuse? I think a tiny image has more potential to be
confusing to the user than placement does here.

I completely agree with you. The third solution proposed by Fredik Noring is also interesting but, as he said, it's not incompatible with this one.

You can't name them artist-album.png because the
compilation album case-scenario would cause problems.

I don't know if it's really a problem. You can choose a cover for the compilation and if you want a cover for each title, you don't make a compilation. (You can use playlists)

So we could
generate a unique ID for each album somehow in Rhythmbox and store it
in rhythmdb

I don't understand why it will resolve the problem. The cover will still be associated to the album name.

So we could
generate a unique ID for each album somehow in Rhythmbox and store it
in rhythmdb, but then it becomes too difficult to edit by hand. This
is fine only if I can drag and drop an album cover from somewhere (eg
mozilla) and it always works and it is somehow made clear that a user
can do this. The reason this is so important is that Amazon isn't
100% here. I have run into many situations where the right album
cover cannot be found via Amazon or worse, the wrong album cover(s)
are found.

That's why I think that there must be a graphic interface to :
- Mass download covers from Amazon.
- Download covers from Amazon with specific criteria (you can choose the artist/album to have more results)
- Choose a cover on the disk
- Drag and drop covers from somewhere.
The problem is the same with the dot directory mapping : You should be able to change the cover without browsing this directory.

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