[Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of the album cover support in rhythmbox


I have just updated my branch : you can now choose the size of the cover that you want to download from Amazon.

It now does all that I want it to do for my personal use and I'm wondering if I will spend more time on it. I have some questions about it :

1. Is there a chance for this patch to be included one day in rhythmbox? If yes, I can spend more time on it to improve the code.

If I continue to work on it, what could be the best implementation of the album covers in rhythmbox?
I see different important questions :
2. Is it better to keep searching the cover (locally or on amazon) each time a song is played or is it better to save all covers in a certain directory (for example in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers/)?
The problem with the first solution is that the search is slower and that you can't have more than one cover in a directory. The problem with the second solution is that it will take many space on the disk and that the covers will be only usable by rhythmbox. (Amarok use a system like this). To implement it, it will be necessary to make a function to download all the covers in one time.
An other solution could be to create a new field in rhythmdb.xml with the url of the cover and to make a graphic interface to manage the covers.

3. Is it better to show the cover of the currently playing album or the cover of where you are if your are browsing the library?
I think that the first solution is better because for me, the cover must be a visual support for what you are listening to. I think it's impossible to make the second solution if the covers are automatically downloaded from Amazon because it will take to much time.

4. All your suggestions or comments are welcome.

Sorry for my english...


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