Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of the album cover support in rhythmbox

Le mercredi 17 novembre 2004 à 22:29 +0000, Marc Pavot a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have just updated my branch : you can now choose the size of the cover 
> that you want to download from Amazon.
> It now does all that I want it to do for my personal use and I'm 
> wondering if I will spend more time on it. I have some questions about it :
> 1. Is there a chance for this patch to be included one day in rhythmbox? 
> If yes, I can spend more time on it to improve the code.

There sure is a chance of having this patch included in rhythmbox
(unless walters strongly opposes to that feature, but last time I asked
him he was rather in favour of such a feature). I think it's not really
worth spending time improving the code until you got comments from
someone reviewing it. 

> 2. Is it better to keep searching the cover (locally or on amazon) each 
> time a song is played or is it better to save all covers in a certain 
> directory (for example in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/covers/)?
> The problem with the first solution is that the search is slower and 
> that you can't have more than one cover in a directory. The problem with 
> the second solution is that it will take many space on the disk and that 
> the covers will be only usable by rhythmbox. (Amarok use a system like 
> this). To implement it, it will be necessary to make a function to 
> download all the covers in one time.

I'd choose the 2nd solution (local cache). The space issue isn't really
a big concern to me, a 50kB cover will already be pretty marge I guess,
so this gives us 5MB for 100 covers, this is not really "huge" by today
hard disk standards. It would probably be a good idea to get the various
apps using covers to agree on a common cover cache directory. There were
some talks about a thumbnail managing standard on freedesktop a while
ago, dunno if there is an "official" spec by  now. Anyway, the location
of the cache is a pretty minor detail that can be changed later I guess.
Btw, there's also who can displays album covers, I dunno if it downloads them every time or if it caches them, might be interesting to have a look at what they do too.

> 3. Is it better to show the cover of the currently playing album or the 
> cover of where you are if your are browsing the library?
> I think that the first solution is better because for me, the cover must 
> be a visual support for what you are listening to. I think it's 
> impossible to make the second solution if the covers are automatically 
> downloaded from Amazon because it will take to much time.

I told you having the cover at the bottom left wasn't necessarily a good
idea ;) I'll shut up on that issue anyway, I have bugged you enough with

> Sorry for my english...

Looks good enough to me. Or maybe it's mine that is as bas as yours ;)

Thanks for the great work, cheers,


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