Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GNUnet integration

Hi !

Yes, sure that GNUnet could be used to download protected files,
including music under copyright. I know that much downoads are illegals.
But I think the only thing RhythmBox lacks from iTunes will be this :
music download. Free music can also be shared without problem. GNUnet is
a part of the GNU project, so I think GNOME can be "serious and
credible" even if it works with GNUnet. ;-) KaZaA was made by a real
enterprise, and they weren't condamned, eMule is done by free community,
and at the moment they don't experience problems. Furthermore, a simple
menu command allowing to share a specific album or song, or search for
music into GNUnet wouldn't be a real integration. An option could even
disable GNUnet from be shown in RB... No ?


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