Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Problem with encoding of mp3 tags

> he has a convert-non-utf8-tags-to-utf8-with-the-following-encoding:
> editbox
> so, imho he tries to interpret the tag data as utf8, and if it fails, he 
> uses the encoding specified.

Actually, it's nearly possible to do that in rhythmbox when using the
gstreamer backend, see the comment I added to

> of course that's not that much correct, because:
> id3v2.3: latin1 or utf-16
> id3v2.4: + utf8
> so below 2.4 you cannot use utf8....

Ah ok, I only quickly checked id3v2.4. UTF-16 would do the trick too
anyway ;)

> btw. you mentioned to convert the tags...
> is there ANY tagger on linux that supports the unicode aspects of id3v2 
> (read: is able to save non-latin1 data into the tags using utf-16?)

No idea... easytag or cantus doesn't support that? I'd expect any tagger
using taglib or gstreamer to handle that properly, but I dunno if such
an app exists ;) Anyway, authors of tag writing apps should be bugged if
their apps can't properly write conformant non-iso8859-1 tags ;)



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