Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GNUnet integration

Hello Milan,

I'm somewhat skeptical about what GNUnet integration would give us.  Can
you elaborate on why you think this might be a good idea.  I'm not
particular for it because we don't want to introduce technology that
would lead to copyright infringement which this could possibly do.  If
we want GNOME to be a serious and credible platform we want to make sure
what we do makes not only good technical sense but also is lawful.

If your idea is for creative commons content and there's some way we can
get people to listen to music through GNUnet then I will likely change
my mind. :)


ps Not that I"m a fan of RIAA or any other thing.  Creative Commons
baby. :-)

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 23:25 +0100, Milan wrote:
> Hi !
> I come back with my idea of GNUnet integration, since nobody replied. 
> What do you think about simply add "Search in GNUnet" and "Insert into 
> GNUnet" commands, like it works with SoundJuicer ? Rythmbox could then 
> just start 'gnunet-gtk' command with as parameters filename(s) and 
> keywords (ID3 tags or something...).
> I can make this features in gnunet-gtk to make it work with RB. Do you 
> think that's good ?
> Milan
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