Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] extending Rhythmbox [was Re: usage question]

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 12:22, Michael Messmore wrote:
> But after some reading and thinking, here's what I see.  Think of each
> time someone suggests "use the bonobo interface" to a feature request. 
> So picture this:  A well documented bonobo interface, not only to player
> functionality like Stop, Play, Next, etc. and information like currently
> playing, etc. but also the ability to read and write to and from
> RhythmDB.  Also, I think it would be very nice to have a UI setting
> where if you put scripts in a directory you have the option to have them
> run when Rhythmbox is running.  This last part is kind of "bonus" and
> maybe a bit too much, but it would make running common scripts
> accessible to normal users.

This is exactly what I was thinking but couldn't articulate, Thanks. The
only thing is that I think the UI component is a requirement, not a

Cheers, Ben

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