Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: usage question

Quoting Jon Oberheide <jon focalhost com>:

> Gstreamer does indeed support visualizations and effects via its
> plugins.  The Goom
> ( plugin is
> already included in the latest gstreamer release.  The audio backend
> (gstreamer, xine) seems like the right place for visualization plugins
> as it is the part that would actually process the stream of data used to
> generate the visualization.
> Unfortunately, I've never used/seen the gstreamer plugins and am not
> sure what kind of additions would be necessary to rhythmbox to do so. 
> If anyone has any experience using it, I'd be interested to know.
Rhythmbox needs a way to stuff plugins for various things between the decoding 
and the audio-out part. This is not hard - it's in fact pretty easy or it 
wouldn't already have been done for the volume control. The hard part is 
getting it right inside Rhythmbox and/or providing a plugin mechanism for it, 
so people who don't want to / can't use visualisation (goom takes insane 
amounts of CPU power) have a way to disable it, and everybody using it has a 
way to resize it correctly, display the right plugin and whatnot.


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