Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: usage question

> > > Furthermore, I have noticed that Colin Walters has hinted a few times that
> > > some features in rhythmbox are motived by a need to replace XMMS. If this
> > > is the case, I believe that some sort of plug-in architecture would be
> > > required to allow the "power user" to extend rhythmbox as they feel fit.
> > > 
> > 
> > If rhythmbox UI doesn't fit people's need wrt an xmms replacement, I'm
> > not sure a plugin architecture would really help them.
> You're right in that a plug-in architecture probably wouldn't help the
> UI too much. What I was really trying to say is that if XMMS replacement
> is on the agenda, the UI model that XMMS implements isn't the only thing
> that is going to be missed. The plethora of optional plug-ins available
> for XMMS is something that I would personally would miss. 
> As suggested in another thread, investigating if the bonobo interface
> could be used as the plug-in interface might be worthwhile.

If we're just looking at replacing xmms, we basically have everything
set up (if you include the bonobo interface in the list) -
Audio I/O - GStreamer plugins / modules / whatever the term is
User I/O - Bonobo
Visualizations - possibly a UI element?

I haven't used xmms in some time (rhythmbox fits all my needs), but what
else would we be talking about in terms of plug-ins?

-- Matt Jones

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