Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Applet 0.1.0 Released

On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 02:20:04PM -0700, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi -
> > The only thing like this that Google seems to know about is
> >, which is for GNOME 1.4 and no
> > signs that it's still being developed.
> > 
> You could try looking into evolution-data-server - it's either in the
> gnome platform or scheduled to be for gnome 2.8. The API isn't that easy
> to use, but is very powerful. You can create an alarm that will run
> rhythmbox at a certain set time (or possibly run a program to interface
> with rhythmbox via bonobo). That way the alarm scheduling is integrated
> tightly with gnome, and doesn't require a non-standard component (other
> than rhythmbox itself).

Evolution stikes me as being way too heavy for something that just wants
to execute a task periodically or at some later time.  I think it might
make more sense to put a general periodic execution scheduler into GNOME
and Evolution could use it to implement its alarms, instead of the other
way around.

I definitely agree that having some sort of task scheduler as part of
GNOME would be a good idea, though.

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