Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RhythmBox Question

Quoting Sean Harshbarger <>:

> If rb uses the spider element (which I think it isnt at the moment), it
> should be wma ready. This is just a guess of course.
GStreamer is using spider. (I am the one who gets bug reports thrown at. ;))
The bigger problems are import and tag reading.

- Import needs to have a magic canDecode() function (sometimes credited as 
hasAudio()), that doesn't try to import text, image and whatnot files.
This is a current weakness of GStreamer, because we currently can't do this 
fast. (It might read the whole file, which is a bit costly if you accidently 
include your *.tar.gz dir). So Rb needs its own function short term.
We'll work on this during 0.8, but I'm pretty sure we won't make it for 0.8.0.

- Tag reading needs to extract meaningful tags from wma files.
This should be pretty easy but AFAIK nobody has done it yet.


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