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On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 09:29, wrote:
> Quoting ShadyX <>:
> > My MP3 CD player, and the HDD based MP3 player I plan to get, only support
> > WMA and MP3.  I have limited space, so WMA is by far the better option for
> > me.  I see that RB is based on both Xine and Gstreamer framework.  I've
> > already configured Xine to support WMA files (I've been using it to play
> > them), though I'm not sure about Gstreamer.  My question is; does RB support
> > WMAs?  Is there some plugin or config file I need to setup for this to work? 
> > I've been searching the web for a few hours, and I can't find any information
> > beyond the Xine codecs.
> > 
> The upcoming GStreamer release (the 0.7 series) does support WMA files. Though 
> that supprort is not as fleshed out as mp3 support is. I certainly have played 
> back wma files with it at least. :)
> I don't know if that needs to be integrated into Rb somehow though.

If rb uses the spider element (which I think it isnt at the moment), it
should be wma ready. This is just a guess of course.

Sean Harshbarger

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