Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] removable media support [was: ipod support]

> This is obviously not something end-user-friendly though :) Doing it
> "right" involves understanding mount points and such, and that starts to
> get tricky fast.  Right now Rhythmbox works entirely over GnomeVFS,
> which doesn't have any idea about that kind of stuff.  So when you
> unmount a drive, that looks exactly to Rhythmbox like all those files
> were deleted.

Fwiw, gnome-vfs 2.5 has code to deal with "volumes" and "drives" which
provides information about mounted/mountable devices, as well as
notification when such a device is (un)mounted.

> And you are right to follow up with this issue on the ipod support
> thread - really, the issues with the ipod come up with any kind of
> removable mass storage, and we should try to generalize it.

One issue with Rhythmbox and removable medias currently is that as soon
as you start playing a file on such a media, you cannot easily unmount
this media because rhythmbox only knows how to pause a song, which keeps
the file opened, and thus prevents you from unmounting. I started to add
a "removable" property to RBSource this week-end, and I wanted to add an
"eject" context menu entry to the sources which are marked as removable,
but I just couldn't figure out how to add an optional menu entry to a
context menu generated with bonoboui. Any help here is welcome ;)


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