Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ipod support

> Will it possible to plug in a different database backend?  I am thinking
> of other media storage with databases, like iripdb for the iRiver
> players:
> >

If you except the rb-ipod-source.c file, most of the changes done to
Rhythmbox for the iPod integration code were done to avoid adding iPod
specific code all over the place. I'm pretty confident that if you want
to add support for a new media player, the only things you have to do
are to add a few lines of code to shell/rb-shell.c and write a rb-
iriver-source.c based on rb-ipod-source.c

Feel free to mail me directly or to ask me when I'm on IRC if you want
to work on that and need more help with the code.


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