[Rhythmbox-devel] ipod support


I finally merged my ipod branch back to the official rhythmbox
repository, and now I'd need some testers to check if it works for other
people than me ;) Currently, the only thing that this ipod support can
do is display the files on the ipod and play them. I'd be interested in
about any regressions or problems people encounter when ipod support is
enabled. I'm less interested in "itunes does this with the ipod,
implement it" comments for now.

You can grab it either from arch in the 
rhythmbox-devel@gnome.org--2004/rhythmbox--main--0.7 branch, or from
gnome cvs (though anonymous cvs servers may not be in sync yet). Here
are the instructions included in README.iPod explaning how to enable
ipod support in rhythmbox:

* configure Rhythmbox with --enable-ipod
* mount your ipod to /mnt/ipod (or create a /apps/qahog/mount_path gconf
  containing the path where your iPod is mounted)
* your iPod songs should appear in the iPod source from the sidebar

Thanks to anyone who tests it,


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