Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox GDesklet

Le jeu 11/09/2003 à 06:17, Theodore Reed a écrit :
> On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 19:34:04 -0700
> Theodore Reed <> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, nothing much good can come if I can't sort out these
> > bonobo issues. If I start gdesklets before I start RB, it hangs,
> > presumably trying to connect to RB. python-gnome has no documentation
> > for me to consult on the topic.
> Alright, by some mad debugging skills (ha!), I managed to get most of
> this. The only real issue now is if I start gdesklets when RB is not
> running, it starts RB. (And takes a long time doing so, sometimes I
> think it crashes during startup, so I endup using killall) and if I
> close RB while gdesklets is running, and then restart it, it doesn't
> pick up the new reference.
> First off, does anyone know how I can ask bonobo if RB is running, so as
> to avoid the first?

you can use a bonobo-activation query where you test whether _active is
true or false (see I can try to write the correct query this evening (evening == 18:00 UTC) if you want.

> Second, does anyone know what might cause the second?

If you have a reference to a Bonobo object corresponding to the old
rhythmbox, it won't work with the new rhythmbox process, you need to
acquire a new one, ie you need to detect one way or another that the old
reference you have is no longer valid. The various RPC calls will
probably fail if you are using the old Bonobo object, so in that case
you should be able to try to get a new reference.

Hope that helps,


> -- Ted

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