Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox GDesklet

> I got bored earlier and decided to make a simple desklet that would show
> the currently playing song. After a bit of work, I managed to get it. I
> even added the ability to configure the fonts. (Had to copy that from
> another desklet, the tutorial didn't cover it.)
> There is a known issue in that it seems to ignore my default
> configuration settings, so it will initially display in a smallish black
> font.
> You can get it at:
> And a sceenshot of what it looks like on my desktop (several other
> desklets, too):
> This requires the gnome bindings for python, but besides that, shouldn't
> require anything that gdesklets itself doesn't.
> At some point, I'd like to add interactivity, like play/pause, song skip
> controls. I'd also like to add a clickable rating display. These are all
> things that are waiting on three things:
>  1- Support from the CORBA interface to RB.

0.5.3 should have what you need. no rating interface that i know of, but
most of the other stuff.

>  2- My ability to code such things into it, currently the interactivity
> stuff is missing from the tutorial.

look at other sensors.... the xmms sensor/display would be of particular
interest to you.  I looked at it and it seems to be fairly simple.  I had
started to code a sensor that used the command-line interface to rb thats
in 0.5.3, but it was gonna be too cpu intensive.  I was basing it off of
the xmms sensor/display.

>  3- My ability to procure nice graphics for such.

Get to know Jimmac :).  If you are interested in looking up artist/album
images... this would be very cool... I believe theres an open api for
doing this with's album images.  You might do some googling and
see what you find.

Other than that. Use other open source gfx, from various icons themes.  Be
sure and get permission of course, but this may be your easiest rout.

some of these might interest you...

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