Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

>> I know MusicBrainz support would be really nice for library retagging
>> and such, but most of its cool functionality is currently blocked b/c
>> of not being able to tag files(waiting on gstreamer...).  How is this
>> blocking a CD source?
> Well because you need to use MusicBrainz to read in the metadata for the
> CD.
>>  Sound Juicer does it fine.
> Right - that's if you want to rip the CD, but I thought we were just
> talking about playback?

Sound Juicer uses Musicbrainz and handles cd metadata fine.  That was my
point.  Not that it works with gstreamer for encoding or anything, just
that it works with Musicbrainz for metadata look up, so what is our
problem with Musicbrainz?  I don't see that we have any special needs
beyond Sound Juicer has when it comes to  handling metadata.

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