Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

> Hi,
> GNOME translators: Rhythmbox HEAD is starting to move towards
> releasing.  If you could begin translating that as opposed to the 0.5
> branch, I would appreciate it!  We still expect at least one major set
> of string additions when smart playlists land (it'll be a large dialog),
> but it'd be good to get started now.
> I am still hoping to do a 0.5.4 release from the branch in the next day
> or two.


> Now, for rhythmbox-devel:
> The arch --mainline/CVS HEAD continues to improve, and thankfully other
> people like Yann are pitching in and squashing bugs too :)

i had arch setup for the old branch, but am having problems setting it up
with the new... probably my ignorence... heres my problem:

[douglas@neo Code]$ tla archive-setup
archive not registered:
  (see register-archive)

> The major bugs blocking 0.6.0 are:
> 1) property browsers don't refresh after deletion

Or additions... that i've noticed at least... haven't checked in the last
two days though.

> 2) doing an "All" query should be faster

definately.... is there anything we can do to make the UI not lock, but
still have he old content show until the new is compiled??  in other
works, get rid of the times when the filtered list temporarily goes blank.

> Then there are at least two major features I'd like to see in 0.6.0: 1)
> CD burning

I'm looking forward to this... this should be pretty simple if we simply
use the nautilus-cd-burner code in conjunction with proper gstreamer
pipelines... right?

> 2) Smart playlists

mmm..... donuts... i mean smart playlists...

i've been playing with itunes and its UI for this is evolutionesk...
somewhat bad IMO... it seems that it would be nice to have something that
by default shows only one inclusive option and the limiting ones... then
perhaps have advanced expander ala the gnome search tool or something.

how difficult with all this be with in the db code?? is it simple run this
function and get a list, or is there more we need to do?

> For #1 we're still waiting on ross to give us the code :)  #2 is a
> little tricky, but definitely doable.  I think it'll be what I work on
> next, but it might be a good thing to push to 0.6.1.

Like i said, I think #1 would be simple if we use the tools that are
already there for now... porting to libcdburn or whatever should be made
easy, but I don't think its necessary to wait on it.

As for #2... I would definately be pushing for this in 0.6.0.   Its one of
the main benefits of the new db and I think it would be very very nice to
have in our first 0.6 release... that being said, if its the only thing
holding us back when all else is stable, it could wait for 0.6.1.

> Other things that would be really nice to fix for 0.6.0, but I'm not
> going to consider blockers at this point:
> 1) Shuffle/Repeat

I think shuffle MUST be fix... its a trivial thing... I'm going to look
into it.  If you don't my code change it, but it will at least be
something.  I think we may also need a preference for Shuffle vs. Random,
but most apps seem to just implement shuffle.

(shuffle being randomly ordered and random being completely random each
time a song is chosen)

> So tentatively, I think we could release in about 2-2.5 weeks, depending
> totally of course on how many other people contribute and my schoolwork
> :)

I'm pretty busy with work and school right now, but plan on trying to get
some simple things done... shuffle and possible mess with the small view.

> Can anyone else think of any other major blocking bugs?  Other thoughts,
> opinions, etc?

There are some small things like that are annoying for me now....

I think we should ellispize(wrong word, mean make shorter) album, artist,
and genre names in the browser.  horizontal scrollbars in those are pretty
nasty looking.  Another thing is that the headers for the browser should
be brought back.

If we can do something about the Iradio browser by 0.6.0 we should... 
having it pull Iradio stations from shoutcast and live365 would definately
be nice.  Would make a browser and searching make more since for Iradio
then.  Speaking of the browser, is there anything else we could do... just
looking at it makes me nausious.  An itunes like browsing system isn't the
best either, but it gets rid of some of the visual nastiness.  It would be
nice to deal with this before gnome 2.6 is out if we are a gnome module,
but not necessary for the 0.6.0 release as it will probably be a lot of

Another thing we should shoot for is better integration with
sound-juicer... is it supposed to be importing to the rb library?? b/c it
never has for me.

If would going to have cd importing and burning, is it not logical that we
should also handle cd playing?  This would be later in 0.6.x i think

Great work Colin, I look forward to getting more involved in rb
development.... just gotta do it now... i've been saying i'll help out
forever.... Its time for action.
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