[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap


GNOME translators: Rhythmbox HEAD is starting to move towards
releasing.  If you could begin translating that as opposed to the 0.5
branch, I would appreciate it!  We still expect at least one major set
of string additions when smart playlists land (it'll be a large dialog),
but it'd be good to get started now.

I am still hoping to do a 0.5.4 release from the branch in the next day
or two.

Now, for rhythmbox-devel:

The arch --mainline/CVS HEAD continues to improve, and thankfully other
people like Yann are pitching in and squashing bugs too :)

The major bugs blocking 0.6.0 are:
1) property browsers don't refresh after deletion
2) doing an "All" query should be faster

Then there are at least two major features I'd like to see in 0.6.0:
1) CD burning
2) Smart playlists

For #1 we're still waiting on ross to give us the code :)  #2 is a
little tricky, but definitely doable.  I think it'll be what I work on
next, but it might be a good thing to push to 0.6.1.

Other things that would be really nice to fix for 0.6.0, but I'm not
going to consider blockers at this point:
1) Shuffle/Repeat

So tentatively, I think we could release in about 2-2.5 weeks, depending
totally of course on how many other people contribute and my schoolwork

Can anyone else think of any other major blocking bugs?  Other thoughts,
opinions, etc?

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