Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 21:20, Douglas McMorris wrote:

> well... it seems stuff from when i played with arch and rb before was
> still around and caused problems.  after i deleted all that, it worked
> fine.


> well... all you have to do is keep an inorder list of all thats been
> played since the last time filtering changed.  this could get pretty
> complex though i guess since, like anything else in rb, you have to deal
> with deletions and updates to the data and such.  I don't see the need
> to place a limit on it if you are carrying around references to
> objects.  It should be that expensive to keep an entire list if your
> only keep track of whats played in order and don't reorder everything
> and keep it in memory.  Most people don't leave rb playing for days and
> days without changing the filter.

Ok.  Right.  I suggest actually that you make it a list of
GtkTreeRowReferences.  That way it will automatically handle
insertion/deletion fairly well.

> I know MusicBrainz support would be really nice for library retagging
> and such, but most of its cool functionality is currently blocked b/c of
> not being able to tag files(waiting on gstreamer...).  How is this
> blocking a CD source? 

Well because you need to use MusicBrainz to read in the metadata for the

>  Sound Juicer does it fine. 

Right - that's if you want to rip the CD, but I thought we were just
talking about playback?

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