Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 17:10, Douglas McMorris wrote:

> i had arch setup for the old branch, but am having problems setting it up
> with the new... probably my ignorence... heres my problem:
> [douglas@neo Code]$ tla archive-setup
> archive not registered:
>   (see register-archive)

Well, did you make that archive (with tla make-archive)?  Maybe you
typoed the name when you originally created it?  What does 'tla
archives' say?

> Or additions... that i've noticed at least... haven't checked in the last
> two days though.

That's fixed now.

> definately.... is there anything we can do to make the UI not lock, but
> still have he old content show until the new is compiled??  in other
> works, get rid of the times when the filtered list temporarily goes blank.

Yeah, I have a plan for it, I mentioned it in my response to Sriram.

> I'm looking forward to this... this should be pretty simple if we simply
> use the nautilus-cd-burner code in conjunction with proper gstreamer
> pipelines... right?

I assume, yeah.

> i've been playing with itunes and its UI for this is evolutionesk...
> somewhat bad IMO...

It seems a little complicated to me.  Implementing the full semantics
wouldn't be trivial.

> how difficult with all this be with in the db code?? is it simple run this
> function and get a list, or is there more we need to do?

Designing the widget that creates a query structure is probably the

> I think shuffle MUST be fix... its a trivial thing... 

Well, not exactly.  If you limit it to a max of say 50 or something it's
probably doable though.

> I think we should ellispize(wrong word, mean make shorter) album, artist,
> and genre names in the browser.  horizontal scrollbars in those are pretty
> nasty looking.  Another thing is that the headers for the browser should
> be brought back.

Both are done now in the latest arch.

> If we can do something about the Iradio browser by 0.6.0 we should... 
> having it pull Iradio stations from shoutcast and live365 would definately
> be nice.  


> Would make a browser and searching make more since for Iradio
> then.  Speaking of the browser, is there anything else we could do... just
> looking at it makes me nausious. 

Like do a treeview like itunes?  Maybe.

> Another thing we should shoot for is better integration with
> sound-juicer... is it supposed to be importing to the rb library?? b/c it
> never has for me.

It's supposed to work, I haven't tried it yet myself...

> If would going to have cd importing and burning, is it not logical that we
> should also handle cd playing?  This would be later in 0.6.x i think
> though

Yeah.  CD is kind of blocked on better MusicBrainz integration.

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