Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 20:19, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Yet another new mockup:
> New:
> - no more action button (which even was outside of the source area,
> which just occured to me was a pretty bad thing - burn to cd - burn what
> to cd? the currently playing song? (thats what it was next to))

Burn makes no sense in the library source, but does in the playlist
source. I think the idea of a meta-button as I described in 
my writeup is really useful. It's either toggle browser or new smart
playlist in library, burn in playlist, and rip in cd.

One thing I never said about Daniel;s mockup is that the 
meta button cannot have text in it because when the button changes
the text would have to change, changing the size of the button, and 
that is just horrible ui.

> - instead there is a 'show browser' checkbox, purpose immediately clear
> in the source area (probably useful for playlists too, especially
> 'vplaylists')

I really don't like the idea of a browser for playlists. Playlist are
ment to be chronological...

> - since we might want to be able to burn albums to cd too, a burn to cd
> button only in playlist sources wouldnt make sense

I think it's acceptable to have to make a playlist containing an album
before you can burn it. I think it would be more confusing to introduce
burning into the library too..

> - shuffle button with label to make it clearer

I could be wrong but to me this looks very like an action button and
would expect it to actually shuffle the current song list as apposed to
playing in a shuffled manner.

> - no repeat button (not necessary I think..)

I think it's important and useful...

Personally I much prefer Daniel's mockup, if we remove the text from the
meta button, and change it to toggling the browser. That is the only
think i can find fault with and that is a lot better than anything else
anyone has come up with. I think he's earned the pint.

The big search box may be fairly useless but IMHO it looks a lot better,
and the checkboxes for repeat and shuffle are a lot clearer than

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