Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

mån 2003-05-12 klockan 13.23 skrev Mike Gratton:
> /me de-lurks
> Mark wrote:
> > 
> > The downside of it is, that it adds some visual noise:
> >>
> >> I'm undecided weither I like this better or not.
> > This totally gets my vote. The hide/reveal arrow just makes so much
> > sense for the browser. And I've changed my mind about the meta-button,
> > If we can pull off having text in it then this is a major advantage.
> As someone who uses net-RB 5-10 hours a day, I must say I vastly prefer 
> this over some of the others as well.
> The only suggestions I would make would be to:
> a) make shuffle and repeat standard toggle buttons (a 'la iTunes) rather 
> than checkboxes. Use an image with non-priority text beside it for the 
> label. Checkboxes seem to be more artifacts of dialogs and preference 
> windows than an application's main window.

Maybe.. checkboxes use less space though, which is pretty important if
they are on the statusbar.. but I dont have a strong opinion here.

> b) make displaying the meta-button a pref - I'll never use it and would 
> much prefer the screen space instead. The toolbar is already cramped 
> enough and will be vastly better for songs with long names and for using 
> the seek slider without that button.

Ehm.. no way.. sorry.. :) CRAAACCKK

> I'd really prefer to have the shuffle and repeat toggle buttons on the 
> toolbar, but not at the cost of a cramped track name and seek slider.
> /mike

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