Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New mockup, new thread

Il sab, 2003-05-10 alle 04:16, Daniel Borgmann ha scritto:
> Hmm.
> To be honest, I don't think this iTunes design works that well with Gtk.
> It suffers from lack of color variation[1]  :)

This is not a rhythmbox or gtk+ trouble, this is a theme trouble.

Quite all gtk+ themes use the same color for all widgets: so, for
example, you need bevels to "separate" buttons from other stuff. A good
counterexample is LighthouseBlue: try to open one glade mochup using it.

> And while it doesn't look like your typical Gtk application, I'm pretty
> sure that it doesn't break any HIG rule and that it would work well for
> both usability and accessability (very well actually). 

Yeah, IMHO this is the way: we can't build the typical menubar + toolbar
+ document/view application, but we have to respect all HIG rules about
single control/item

Think bigger

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