Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New mockup, new thread

Il sab, 2003-05-10 alle 21:50, Kristian Harms ha scritto:

> The box/border around the middle "area" in the toolbar area seems 
> awkward and not very gnomish, as others have said, but removing it leads 
> to other problems.  So what to do?  In iTunes, Apple have made this area 
> seemingly without using the native widgets, opting instead for a kind of 
> ad hoc solution resembling the display of a physical music device, with 
> a greyish background.  This way, they avoid the awkward border in the 
> screenshot above, and they also avoid the "visual need" to have the 
> volume slider and the position-in-track thingy be vertically aligned to 
> each other, and they avoid confusing users as to the differences between 
> the two sliders.  Rhythmbox could be similar, using a white rectangle 
> instead of a rounded grey area as in iTunes.  The "position in track" 
> widget would need to look entirely different from the volume slider, 
> though that might be difficult to code since it would be an ad hoc 
> widget and not something from GTK (i might be wrong).

This is the quest: build a perfect UI using only GTK standard widgets

I don't think we should reimplement widgets: old rhythmbox (I mean
0.2.x) do it and there was a lot of troubles in theming stuff. And there
are of people (Mac user) hating iApps skinned interfaces (and
reimplemented widgets)

Besides: yeah, if we use the beveled info area, a different (darker,
IMHO) background color make it cool and fun, but it's a theme stuff (or
we can build a rhythmbox.grkrc like

        style "info-area" 
        backgroung = darker (default_background)
        RB_info_area "info-area"
Think bigger

			My uncle

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