[Rhythmbox-devel] About GNOME style...

OK guys, first a little quote from HIG intro:

"These guidelines are meant to help you write applications that are easy
to use and consistent with the GNOME desktop. Following thse guidelines
will have many benefits: 
     1. Users will learn to use your program faster, because interface
        elements will look and behave the way they are used to. 
     2. Novice and advanced users alike will be able accomplish tasks
        quickly and easily, because the interface won't be confusing or
        make things difficult. 
     3. Your application will have an attractive look that fits in with
        the rest of the desktop. 
     4. Your application will continue to look good when users change
        desktop themes, fonts and colors.Your application will be
        accessible to all users, including those with disabilities or
        special needs."


So applying to rb...

--> Point one: matching existing apps and/or real word.
There are no GNOME player, so we need to refer to xmms, or iTunes or WMP
or real devices :-)
I think that all recent mochups are at least "intuitive": there is a
list, some controls (buttons) and a feedback about current song/status.
Now we have to build up the best from all ideas as well as in Lego :-)

--> Point two: novice/expert
In music playing??? Probably in rip/burn or other stuff, but I don't
think those tasks should appear in main window, isn't it?

--> Point three: attract and fit
This is only a personal taste, but we are building up a music player, we
_need_ to make it attractive, we fit it to desktop using widgets and
following HIG. 
We can't build an interface like gnumeric or abiword, we can't build a
dialog like window, besides we _have to_ use GKT+/GNOME widgets and
rules. Apple and MS make their player 'cool' using customized widgets;
we don't need this 'merchandising' stuff, so we have to use common
wigdets fitting HIG roles (e.g. search entry should have a label whit
accelerator, don't an icon ;-)).

--> Point four: themes and fonts
glade rocks for tests!!!

--> Point file: a11y
Thanks, glade.


Results: I think the only criteria to said "this mochup is more gnomish
then other" is "all control follow HIG" :-)

Think bigger

			My uncle

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