RE: [Rhythmbox-devel] the future for Rhythmbox

- The current Rhythmbox cvs interface absolutely rocks the boat. And there
- are still ideas on the mailing lists to make it even better.


- The Rhythmbox code suffers from feature bloat and missing organization a
- lot. This probably comes from when people were still not sure about what
- Rhythmbox really is supposed to do and how it's supposed to look and they
- hacked features into the code. There is no good GUI/backend seperation for
- example.
Would using BaconVideoWidget and libizing the node stuff help?
( As suggested by Hadess and Daveb )

I reammy like using the idea of using bakonview cus it supports xine and
gstreamer, it uses gstplay and is being used by totem so we would be
minimising duplication, and increasing code qualality all round.

And making the node code a lib makes sense as it is generally useful for
gnome. eggnode?

- This is bad for new developers that want to get going with Rb. And it is
- _really_ bad because the only comments in the code are the license
- disclaimers at the top.

Agreed, I'm not much of a hacker but I can understand most code - rb is a
mystery to me. To attract new hackers it needs to be easier. At the very
least each .c file needs to have a description of what it does.

- What I would do with Rhythmbox right now if I had total control would be
- the following in that order:
- 1) Make Colin do a release of current RB.

I would go further and create a stable branch. We need to get playlists and
context menus in and then do a couple of bugfix releases like Colin did for

- 2) get missing features into GStreamer HEAD. Top problem here is tag (aka
- metadata) support.

Yeah, would rock, but can be done in parallel with 4 and 5, maybe...

- 3) Make GStreamer development release(s) of HEAD.
- 4) Throw out broken features to reduce code size (Bonobo, CD support, ...)
- 5) Ditch monkey-media
- 6) Start replacing the backend based on HEAD GStreamer and GNOME/Gtk 2.4.

Sounds good

- So before anyone has problems with it: I don't consider myself to be a
- maintainer of Rhythmbox yet, but I'd sure like to co-maintain it with
- Colin.
- Are you all fine with that?

I for one am happy. You seem to have a great vision for where rhythmbow
should go in the long term.

Mark Finlay

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