RE: [Rhythmbox-devel] the future for Rhythmbox

On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 00:37, wrote: 
> - The current Rhythmbox cvs interface absolutely rocks the boat. And there
> - are still ideas on the mailing lists to make it even better.
> Agreed

Me too. Just could someone list those ideas, please? 

And a list of stuff before next release? I'm working on some dialog
HIG/UI small bugs, I'll post them quickly

> - What I would do with Rhythmbox right now if I had total control would be
> - the following in that order:
> - 1) Make Colin do a release of current RB.
> I would go further and create a stable branch. We need to get playlists and
> context menus in and then do a couple of bugfix releases like Colin did for
> netrb.

Well, personally I'll be happy if tag editing will work too. It's
annoying use command line to edit them.

BTW: if I'm right musicbrainz can search in its database CD identifier
AND song from a sample. What about a "Adjust Music Data" in organize

> - So before anyone has problems with it: I don't consider myself to be a
> - maintainer of Rhythmbox yet, but I'd sure like to co-maintain it with
> - Colin.
> - Are you all fine with that?
> I for one am happy. You seem to have a great vision for where rhythmbow
> should go in the long term.


Think bigger

			My uncle

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