RE: [Rhythmbox-devel] the future for Rhythmbox

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, wrote:

> Would using BaconVideoWidget and libizing the node stuff help?
> ( As suggested by Hadess and Daveb )
> I reammy like using the idea of using bakonview cus it supports xine and
> gstreamer, it uses gstplay and is being used by totem so we would be
> minimising duplication, and increasing code qualality all round.
> And making the node code a lib makes sense as it is generally useful for
> gnome. eggnode?
I don't like either idea.
I don't think it make sense to use a video backend for an audio player.
Playing back an audio file is just a three-element pipeline in GStreamer.
Oh, and I think the current gstplay design sucks, so I wouldn't want to use it
for anything. I agree however that it would make sense to design a simple
lib on top of GStreamer for easy playback and whatnot. But I haven't seen
one yet.
The "node" stuff is much to generic for what it's used for which makes it hard
to understand. A node is an object that contains an ordered list of nodes and
has a fixed list of properties attached to it. A music library is an
unordered set of tracks and a track is a description of music via
properties. That's both not very node-like.
Just my opinion of course.

> I would go further and create a stable branch.
If you find someone who like hacking on a stable branch then go ahead. I
don't even know much people who hack on HEAD ;)

> - 4) Throw out broken features to reduce code size (Bonobo, CD support, ...)
AS people mentioned this a lot: I didn't mean to erase these features
forever, but throw them out until Rhythmbox itself can be considered
stable, well designed and well documented. Then add them back based on the
design. It was meant to ease up fixing Rhythmbox.


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