Re: [xine-devel] [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: rhythmbox: gstreamer vs xine

hi miguel,

On 01/14, Miguel Freitas wrote:
> > d) Split up libxine into libxine (with plug-ins not containing patents)
> > and libxine-plugins (containing plug-ins with license problems). Then
> > let xine tell the user to download libxine-plugins if he tried to play a
> > format that is not included in libxine but in libxine-plugins.
> that's distro problem. they can take our tarball and split it into as many
> packages as they want. just like they must be doing with gstreamer, for
> example.

exactly - and let's hope _they_ will explain it to their users
and support them. 

btw the patent problem is of course depending on which country you live
in which means the xine project will not be able to split up the package
(except maybe packaging every plugin seperately and putting big warning
stickers on each one listing the patents which might be infringed, by
country and patent owner ... and btw. anyone volunteering to do the
patent resear for that? ;))

> the support to inform users about missing plugins is already working.
> everything else is mostly political or administration stuff.

not entirely, an automatic plugin downloader is something the xine
project could implement - preferably in a way that all frontends can



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